The New York Times: US blew up last CIA base in Afghanistan out of Kabul airport on day of deadly Islamic State attack


28 ago 2021 17:27 GMT

The action, aimed at preventing sensitive equipment and data from falling into the hands of the Taliban, was scheduled, but took place a few hours after the deadly attack, generating rumors of a new attack.

The CIA destroyed its Eagle base in Kabul this Thursday through a scheduled detonation, reports The New York Times with reference to its sources among active officers and veterans of the agency.

As detailed, the explosion was intended to disable sensitive objects in that latest US Intelligence facility on Afghan territory outside the airport. Although planned, it materialized a few hours after the terrorist attack that killed more than 170 people, including 13 US soldiers, generating rumors of a new attack on the Afghanistan evacuation mission.

As explained by a former CIA collaborator, the need for a detonation arose from the nature of the objects that remained at the base. Unlike the Embassy, ​​where documents could be burned and hard drives smashed relatively quickly, Eagle had sensitive equipment that should not fall into the hands of the Taliban *.

Established in a former brick factory shortly after the US invasion of Afghanistan, the Eagle base grew into a well-protected compound where Afghan intelligence counterterrorism forces were trained. The newspaper sources indicate that, unlike most of the government troops, they continued to exert resistance even when the system collapsed.

“They were an exceptional unit. They were one of the main means that the Afghan government has used to keep the Taliban at bay for the past 20 years. They were the last to fight and suffered heavy casualties,” quoted The New York Times as a former official. CIA Mick Mulroy.

Islamic State attack

The Islamic State of Greater Khorasan, the local branch of ISIS and “sworn enemy of the Taliban”, claimed responsibility for the attacks on Thursday 26 August.

US President Joe Biden vowed to avenge the attacks, saying he ordered “development of operational plans to attack the assets, leadership and facilities” of the terrorist movement. On Friday, the US carried out a drone strike on an Islamic State “lieutenant” in eastern Afghanistan. On Saturday, it was reported that two high-profile terrorists were eliminated in the attack.

* The Taliban movement, designated as a “terrorist organization” by the UN Security Council, is declared a terrorist group and prohibited in Russia.

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