The news that makes the world curious! The opening date of the first space hotel has been announced!


Operating in the States (USA) The Gateway FoundationIt was announced that the hotel, which will be built on the Voyager Station, developed by Orbital Assembly Corporation (OAC), will host its first customers in 2027.

In addition to more than one restaurant within the hotel with a capacity of 400 people cinemaThere will also be a gym, bar and spa. The construction of the project, which will open in 2027, will begin in 2025. Some capsules of the hotel are sent to the American Space and Aviation Agency for space exploration (NASA) and to the European Space Agency (ESA). The project was proposed by German physicist Wernher von Braun, while information on the cost of the hotel and nightly accommodation was not shared.

First space hotel It will start serving in 2027.


The news that makes the world curious The date of the opening of the first space hotel has been determined.


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