The next installment of “Unknown Worlds”, the birthplace of Subnautica, and the much-anticipated “The Callisto Protocol” unveiled at gamescom ONL « doope!

Reference: Concept art of “Project M” released in February this year

Known for the popular ocean exploration survival series “Subnautica”, “Unknown Worlds Entertainment” has been developing a new Sci-Fi IP “Project M” (codename) for some time. KRAFTON, the parent company of Unknown Worlds, issued a press release a while ago, and at the large-scale showcase “gamescom: Opening Night Live” scheduled to be broadcast on August 23, “Project M” will finally be released. It has been revealed that the unveiling is scheduled.

So far, the details of “Project M” are unknown, but according to showcase host Geoff Keighley, Unknown Worlds Entertainment director Charlie Cleveland will be on stage at the event, and the new IP “Project M” will be a game. We will show you the play.

Also, familiar Glen Schofield will be on stage at the event, and it has been revealed that he will announce new information on the expected work “The Callisto Protocol” that inherits the spirit of Dead Space.

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