The next iPhone SE may not arrive until 2022

Apple has had a fine nose in launching more affordable iPhones. The iPhone SE, for example, was a huge worldwide success. The question then arises as to when the next model will be available.

Unlike its high-end models ofiPhone, Apple does not seem particularly determined to refresh its range ofiPhone SE on an annual basis. If we are to believe a tweet from Ross Young of DisplaySearch and DSCC, it seems that the next version of this iPhone SE is not coming. not before the year 2022.

The next iPhone SE would not arrive until 2022

And to be fair, that seems to be more or less in line with how the Cupertino company has implemented its iPhone SE strategy in the past. The first generation of iPhone SE was released in 2016 and it took Apple four years to introduce a new model, which was released just a few months ago. So that could suggest that the apple brand doesn’t plan to release an iPhone SE every year.

It is difficult to know precisely why Apple does not want to offer new iPhone SE every year. Maybe it’s a matter of cost or even component availability. The 2020 iPhone SE uses the A13 chip which was introduced in the 2019 iPhones. It is therefore a safe bet that the next iPhone SE could use the “next generation previous”, namely the A14 chip.

Because it would ship an A14 chip that is already widely used?

That being said, the A14 chip powers not only this year’s iPhones but also the iPad. And it is expected that it will also be found in computers running Apple Silicon. In other words, maybe there wouldn’t be enough chips for all of these products. It is also possible, more simply, that Apple waits for the release of the A15 chip before being able to reuse the A14 chip for the iPhone SE.

At this point it’s just pure speculation on our part but if you’re waiting to be able to get your hands on an affordable iPhone then the current iPhone SE is probably your one and only option, unless you can wait. until 2022.

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