The NHL will keep an eye on the clubs

Gary Bettman, served as a warning to the clubs that make up his circuit on Monday.

“We have issued 12 protocols which include 213 pages. As I said to GMs and coaches, protocols are not suggestions or recommendations. They will have to be respected so that we can continue our activities during this pandemic. We will vigorously enforce them. ”

Bettman, however, did not specify what action will be taken against teams that fail to comply with the rules surrounding COVID-19.

“The goal of having protocols is not to punish people. Rather, it’s about keeping everyone safe and healthy. Across the league, we see a great collaboration. The screening is good. ”

The commissioner also said the NHL will publicly announce when a positive case will be diagnosed.

Asked about the financial aspects of the next season, Bettman said his home circuit will lose money during the 2020-2021 campaign, but that no team is in danger.

“It would be cheaper to close our doors and not play,” he said.

«[Nos équipes] are going to spend more money playing than not playing, but our owners agree with that because they know how important it is for players and fans to hold a season. ”

Two away games

In addition, Bettman took advantage of this press conference to confirm that the NHL will present two away games during an event on the shore of Lake Tahoe, in the United States.

The Colorado Avalanche and the Vegas Golden Knights will face off in the first matchup on February 20, which would be followed by a game between the Philadelphia Flyers and the Boston Bruins the following day.

The rink will be installed on the 18th hole fairway of the Edgewood Tahoe Resort Golf Club. The broadcast of these meetings, which will be presented on TVA Sports, will offer a panoramic view of the Sierra Nevada massif.


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