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The NHL would reinstate the “taxi squads”

The National Hockey League is working on a workforce protection plan that would allow teams that wish to use a “taxi squad”.

Informant Elliotte Friedman, who released the news in the early afternoon, says the measure would be in place until the All-Star Game, which is scheduled to take place on February 5. This represents a period of 42 days, starting today.

Last week, we noticed that the return of this rule could create a goalkeeper problem at the Canadian.

For those who would need a reminder on what a taxi squad is: it is a group of four to six players (including a goalkeeper) who travel and train with the main team, so that they can be called back urgently if ever a regular player were to be sent in the COVID protocol.

As Friedman points out, the staff of a franchise must respect certain restrictions for the players it places on its taxi squad. An athlete’s related annual salary, for example, should not exceed $ 1 million.

There are also some restrictions: a player must not be on waivers and must have spent some time (currently unknown to the public) in the NHL to be eligible.

Incidentally, the NHL plans to allow its dealerships to contract an additional goalie if ever there are less than two who are able to play due to the virus.

As an indication, it is Ryan Poehling, Corey Perry, Michael Frolik, Cale Fleury and Charlie Lindgren who formed this reserve squad when the official CH roster for the 2020-2021 season was announced last January. Marc Bergevin was also not shy about using it in the playoffs, which helped him advance the Habs to the Stanley Cup final.


According to Friedman’s information, the two-goalie rule will be in effect for the remainder of the 2021-2022 season.

Taxi squads can have a maximum of six players, who can spend a maximum of 20 days there.

Players who were part of an NHL roster on December 22 cannot be sent to a squad taxi, as can those who have spent more than 75% of the campaign in the National League or those who have played in the National League. minus 16 of their club’s last 20 games.

This criterion also applies to goalies, who “played” in the eyes of the league if they were in uniform.

The use of taxi squads is optional, and in place until the All-Star Game.

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