the nice surprise of the supporters for Saka

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Bukayo Saka had a nice return to training with the Gunners this week. His last appearance on a field was on July 11, during the final of Euro 2020. Entering the 70th minute of the match, Saka had been the victim of a flood of racist insults on social networks following his missed shot, as did his compatriots Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho. This time around he received upon his arrival at Arsenal’s training center a flood of love and support from the supporters who had sent cards, letters and gifts to the player. In a video posted on Twitter, the England international appeared very moved and touched by the nice surprise.

to summarize

The victim of racist insults after the defeat in the final to Italy, Bukayo Saka received all the love and support of his supporters this week on his return to training. The Gunners had sent him hundreds of messages, letters and gifts. An attention that moved the Englishman.

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