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Original title: The Nigerian Air Force confirmed that a fighter plane was shot down by bandits and the pilot survived. Source: CCTV News Client

On July 19, local time, the Nigerian Air Force confirmed that a fighter jet was shot down by bandits during a mission in the northwest of the country on the 18th. The pilot successfully survived after parachuting.

△The pilot who escaped safely, Lieutenant Dai Luo (front center) (Image source: Channels TV)

The Nigerian Air Force’s public relations and information officer, Brigadier General Gabkwait issued a statement on the 19th, saying that at 12:45 local time on the 18th, an Alpha jet fighter of the Nigerian Air Force was in the northwestern Zamfara state and Kadu. When returning after successfully completing the mission of air blockade of bandits at the junction of Nasdaq, the enemy opened fire violently, causing it to crash in the territory of Zamfara State. The pilot Lieutenant Dello successfully ejected from the plane and avoided the culprits, seeking refuge in a nearby settlement. Under the cover of night and mobile phone navigation, Dai Luo managed to reach a Nigerian army garrison, where he was finally rescued.

Armed bandits are rampant in Nigeria. President Buhari recently instructed the armed forces to make every effort to eliminate criminals in Katsina, Zamfara and Kaduna states.

This year, there have been 4 military aircraft crashes in Nigeria, of which 2 fighter planes were shot down and 2 small planes crashed during landing. The crash on May 21 caused 8 soldiers including Atahiro, then Chief of Staff of the Nigerian Army. Die. (Headquarters reporter Wang Xinjun)

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