the nightmare of living in Stalin’s Auschwitz where “millions died in prison”

Updated:11/19/2020 17:25h


Like in Auschwitz, where a poster exposed that of “Work will set you free” (“Arbeit macht frei”), in one of the many concentration camps in Kolyma, inmates were also invited to leave their lives in the mines of Russia by means of a message engraved on the entrance: “Work in the USSR is a matter of honesty, glory, courage and heroism”. In both cases it was a falsehood. The center, like many others in which thousands of enemies of the Bolsheviks first, and of Iósif Stalin later, he belonged to the Gulag (General Directorate of Labor Camps); an institution whose origin dates back to the times of Lenin and which sought to lock up, mistreat and take advantage of


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