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Argentines march to protest against “vaccinations VIP”. Several thousand people marched across the country on Saturday to protest against “vaccinations”. VIP”, Which scandalized the Argentines. The list, published on Monday, of 70 people who received the Covid-19 vaccine outside the official campaign – including the 38-year-old Minister of the Economy and former President Eduardo Duhalde, his wife and their children – set fire to the powder, in a country in crisis and already exasperated by its leaders. “Everyone came spontaneously to Plaza de Mayo”, to Buenos Aires, writes the site Infobae. “Lots of middle class people, humble people and young people. With various demands (from the vaccine scandal to corruption and pressure on justice, through inflation and the economic crisis), but with the same desire to protest ”. The protests went off without incident.

Nigeria: No news of the 317 teenage girls kidnapped on Friday. The fate of the 317 teenage girls kidnapped from a boarding school in northwest Nigeria on Friday remained unknown as of Saturday night. report The Guardian. President Muhammadu Buhari, “Which has long been the subject of criticism in the face of the insecurity which rages in the north of the country, condemned the kidnappings” and urged local governments to stop paying ransoms to “bandits”, specifies the daily. Still on Saturday, better news came from the center of the country, where dozens of hostages – including 24 children – were freed after their kidnapping in mid-February.

Burma’s Ambassador to theHIM-HER-IT removed from office. The day after a very noticed speech, during which he dissociated himself from the junta in power and called on the international community to “Put an end to the military coup”, the Ambassador of Burma toHIM-HER-IT, Kyaw Moe Tu, was dismissed from his post on Saturday, according to NPR. The military, who overthrew civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi on February 1, considered that the ambassador, in this speech to the General Assembly of theHIM-HER-IT, did not have “Following the orders and direction of the State” and had “Betrayed” his country. The day was also marked by new protests in Yangon, violently dispersed by the police, who shot the demonstrators with rubber bullets. Several people were injured.

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