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United States: comforted in Georgia, Joe Biden denounces “the incredible irresponsibility” of Donald Trump. Thursday November 19, “After six days of manual recounting of ballots”, Georgia officials reaffirmed that President-elect Joe Biden defeated outgoing President Donald Trump in that state “Long considered a Republican stronghold”, report it New York Times. “Choosing carefully his words” speaking earlier Thursday at a press conference in Wilmington, Delaware, Joe Biden, “Intensified its criticism against the president” Trump “And warned that the delay in the transition process sent ‘a horrible message about who we are as a country’”, adds the daily.

Nagorno-Karabakh: the Azerbaijani army announces its entry into a district surrendered by the Armenians. The Azerbaijani army announced Friday morning its entry into the Aghdam district, the first of three retrocessions to which the Armenian forces are to proceed, according to an agreement to end hostilities. “In accordance with the trilateral declaration signed by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Prime Minister of Armenia and the President of the Russian Federation, units of the Azerbaijani army entered the Aghdam district on November 20. ”, said the Defense Ministry to the Azerbaijani News Agency Azertac.

Brexit: discussions suspended because of a Covid-19 case. “Downing Street is going out of its way to prevent an unforeseen break in Brexit talks from derailing hopes of a last minute trade deal” between London and Brussels, tell it Daily Telegraph. European negotiator Michel Barnier revealed that talks were halted after a member of his team tested positive for coronavirus. “Any break risks upsetting an already tight timing”, warns the newspaper.

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