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Original title: Chongyang Festival has a strong respect for the elderly-our school organizes retired old comrades to carry out Chongyang Festival activities

Source: East China University of Technology

  Nine-Nine Double Ninth Festival

  The ninth day of the ninth month of the lunar calendar is the annual Double Ninth Festival. In order to promote the Chinese nation’s traditional virtues of respecting, respecting and caring for the elderly, let the retired comrades of the school have a joyous, peaceful and happy holiday. The Retirement Office organized a number of activities in Fuzhou and Nanchang campuses, such as fun entertainment, health consultation and smartphone use services. Liu Zichun, deputy secretary of the school’s party committee, accompanied by the person in charge of the retired office, participated in the Chongyang Festival activities of the old comrades of the Nanchang campus.


  At the Senior Activity Center of Nanchang Guanglan Campus, Liu Zichun is kindlandGreet the old comrades who participated in the activity, wish the retired old comrades of the school a happy Double Ninth Festival, health and longevity, and participate in fun entertainment activities with the old comrades.At Guanglan campusThe Senior Citizens Activity Center and the Retirement Office organized 6 fun entertainment activities-throwing table tennis, loops, pinballs, throwing badminton, darts, and simulated bowling. The scene was full of sentiment. In the one-and-a-half hour activity, the old comrades exchanged skills and feelings.

  In addition to organizing and carrying out fun entertainment activities on the Nanchang campusoutside, With the strong support of the school’s medical office and software school,returnDispatch medical staff and young volunteers to set up health consultation and smartphone use service points for old comrades on the spot, measure blood pressure for old comrades, answer some health consultation questions raised by old comrades, and teach old comrades some problems in the use of smartphones.


  On the Fuzhou campus, veteran comrades participated in part of the park amusement activities organized by the Fuzhou Municipal Committee on Aging held by the Retirement Office of our school in the People’s Park——Ringing, pinching marbles, simulating bowling, nose-pointing, throwing badminton, passing and receiving balls, etc. At 9 o’clock, the event officially began. The veteran comrades encouraged and discussed each other. Although it was raining, it did not affect the enthusiasm of the veteran comrades to participate in the activities. In the activity for more than one hour, more than 600 school retired old comrades and old friends from Fuzhou City participated in fun entertainment activities.

  The organization of the Double Ninth Festival on the two campuses has received strong support from relevant departments, veteran comrades and volunteers from the Software College, and the entire activity is in order. The veteran comrades fully affirmed the development of the activity, and they all expressed their gratitude to the school for caring for the veteran comrades and the various departments for their support to the work of the veteran comrades.

  Before and after the Double Ninth Festival, the Retirement Office also carried out a wide range of practical activities for veteran comrades, such as promoting the installation of elevators in the family area of ​​veteran comrades, “one person, one policy” precision service manual for retired cadres, opening erhu classes for senior citizens, and compiling old comrades. Comrade painting, calligraphy, photography and paper-cutting works, contacting the Jiuru (Fuzhou) Health and Rehabilitation Center to hold charity public welfare activities, and contacting and matching medical examination matters for elderly comrades who meet the health conditions.

  Respecting and respecting the elderly is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, and loving and helping the elderly is the common responsibility of the whole society. Caring for old comrades is not only a responsibility, but also a feeling. We must further permeate the traditional virtues of respecting and respecting the elders in regularity and implement them into actions, and wholeheartedly do practical work, do good deeds, and solve problems for the elder comrades, and further create a strong atmosphere of respecting, respecting and caring for the elderly in the whole school, and continuously strengthen the whole school The sense of gain and happiness of old comrades.



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