The Nobel Prize for Literature rewards Louise Glück

The coveted Nobel Prize for Literature awarded the American poet Louise Glück this Thursday, October 8. A surprise award which consecrates her work, which began at the end of the 1960s. She is crowned “For his characteristic poetic voice, which with its austere beauty makes individual existence universal”, announced the Swedish Academy by awarding the prize. Louise Glück, 77, has already won the Pulitzer Prize for poetry in 1993 for her collection The Wild Iris.

Childhood and family life, the close relationship between parents and brothers and sisters, are a central theme in Louise Glück’s work. “Hell”, released in 2006, is his masterful collection, a visionary interpretation of the myth of the descent into hell of Persephone in captivity by Hades, the god of death. Another spectacular achievement is his latest collection, “Faithful and virtuous night”.

Sixteenth woman to win the Nobel

In French, the translation of this poet has so far remained confidential, due to lack of publication in volume. It is limited to specialized journals. She dedicated one of her poems to Joan of Arc in 1976.

Two years after the Polish Olga Tokarczuk, Louise Glück is the 16e woman to be awarded the prize of a very feminine Nobel 2020 vintage. With three laureates at the Nobel Scientific, this season could break the record for female laureates (five in 2009), while peace on Friday and the economy on Monday remain to be awarded.

→ EXPLANATION. Swedish Academy, back on a scandal very little Scandinavian

Last year, the 2019 prize was awarded to the Austrian writer Peter Handke, with the sulphurous pro-Milosevic positions, causing a very lively controversy, adding to a sex scandal that had torn the Academy three years ago. , causing the historic postponement of the 2018 price.

It’s 113e Nobel Prize awarded by the institution, and the thirteenth time it has rewarded an American personality, the latest being Bob Dylan, in 2016.


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