“The noise made by the young man and his friends was irritating the individual in their thirties.”

The Leuven prosecutor’s office stated on Monday that an investigating judge had put a man under electronic surveillance. The incident occurred at the intersection of Naamsestraat and Sint-Beggaberg where an 18-year-old was threatened by a man in his 30s who was holding a knife. The man demanded that the victim leave as his girlfriend couldn’t sleep due to the noise of the victim and their friends. The young people informed the police and the suspect was intercepted and arrested near Sheep Street. During a search of his home, several similar knives were found. The suspect initially denied everything during interrogation but later admitted to carrying a knife and threatening the teenager. The investigating judge ordered that the man be placed under arrest warrant with electronic surveillance as a modality.

The man was placed under electronic surveillance by the investigating judge, the Leuven prosecutor’s office said on Monday.

The incident occurred on Tuesday evening around 2:30 a.m. at the intersection between Naamsestraat and Sint-Beggaberg. An 18-year-old was chatting there with friends, when suddenly the 30-something appeared. The latter was holding a knife which he placed about ten centimeters from the victim’s throat. He indicated that his girlfriend could not sleep because of the noise of the youths and that he was going to stab the victim if she did not leave.

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The young people informed the police, but when they arrived on the scene, the 30-year-old had already left the scene. Thanks to the description of the suspect and his outfit by the victim and the witnesses, the police were able to intercept the suspect near Sheep Street. He no longer had the knife on him at the time, but the police found him on the ground near the Schapenstraat. During a search of the suspect’s home, police found several similar knives and the suspect’s girlfriend indicated that she recognized the knife found.

During his interrogation, the thirties initially denied everything, before admitting that he was carrying a knife and that he had threatened the teenager. However, he denied having brought the knife to the victim’s throat.

The prosecutor had the man appear before the investigating judge, who placed him under an arrest warrant, under the modality of electronic surveillance.

In conclusion, the incident involving a knife-wielding man threatening a teenager in Leuven has led to his arrest and placement under electronic surveillance. The quick action of the police and the cooperation of witnesses and the victim led to the suspect’s arrest, and subsequent search of his home led to the discovery of similar knives. Although initially denying everything, the suspect eventually admitted to carrying a knife and making threats. As the investigation continues, it remains a reminder of the importance of reporting such incidents and working together as a community to maintain safety and security.

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