The Nouvelliste | Supporters of the Montana agreement for an orderly departure of Ariel Henry

Jacques Ted Saint-Dic, member of the Commission for the search for a Haitian solution to the crisis (CRSHC) initiator of the so-called Montana agreement, says he is neither for nor against the resignation of the current head of government , Ariel Henry. On the other hand, he thinks that his departure should take place in order, following an agreement previously reached between different sectors of national life.

“The commission is in a construction to replace the current head of government, Ariel Henry. We are responsible people. We cannot settle in a mess to allow the international bodies to decide who will replace him. The people who will replace him. demand his resignation do they know how to replace him? Is there a mechanism that has been put in place to do so? ”

“We cannot install a new disorder in the country. We have to find a political negotiation on how it should be done. In order and discipline,” he said

Mr. Saint-Dic said he had met Prime Minister Ariel Henry and actors from other political currents. However, he says he is not in discussions with representatives of all the agreements with a view to finding a global agreement around the political crisis.

“Formally we are not in a moment of negotiation to find a global agreement. I do not know if we have invited a person in an individual capacity. So far we have not received a formal invitation for a discussion in this. cadre “, he said, during his participation in the program” Panel Magik “this Wednesday, October 27th.

The agreement monitoring office met with Prime Minister Ariel Ariel Henry on Tuesday October 26 and discussed a number of points “We have started a political dialogue with Ariel Henry which will be extended probably this Wednesday October 27. The country is taken hostage by the gangs, insecurity was one of the points discussed, explained Mr. Saint-Dic, who recalls that the authorities who are in power although de facto have the responsibility of guaranteeing peace in the country ” .

Mr. Saint-Dic said he saw that there was no defined security plan in the country to coordinate actions to ensure serenity among the population. He admits that nothing concrete was discussed on the proposals that Ariel Henry wanted or would like to make at the meeting.

Given the deterioration of the country’s situation and the weakness of the leaders, the political leader announces an acceleration in the process of setting up the Montana Accord. “The National Transitional Council will be set up in 6 or 7 days. people have already expressed their interest in participating. We are in the phase where we are doing a vetting on the people concerned. Once the CNT is complete we will be ready to welcome the candidacy of people wishing to lead the transitional power “, says Mr. Saint- Dic

The merger of the agreements and the opinion of Jacques Ted Saint-Dic

Jacques Ted Saint-Dic of the SSHRC believes that it would be almost impossible to merge the agreements that are on the table to resolve the political crisis “In a country, it is normal to have several political projects, several understandings of political reality . However, if the person remains stuck on his position how to merge different conceptions of the construction of democracy? “, He asked himself.

The country’s constitution has a provision for a two-headed executive. How to negotiate this point? asked Mr. Saint-Dic who thinks that these questions deserve to be addressed, but cannot be the subject of a merger. “He can have a political agreement of two agreements on the political management of the moment but not on the fundamentals”, he believes

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