The number of infections has been increasing for several days, “but one factor could prevent us from a third wave”, according to Marius Gilbert

It is on the RTBF set that the epidemiologist Marius Gilbert explained reassuring reasons despite an increase in cases: “The positivity rate is not increasing, which means that it is the increase in the number of tests. which results in more cases. At the same time, the number of new hospitalizations is not increasing either ”.

For the moment, Marius believes that one element “protects” Belgium from a possible third wave: “It may seem paradoxical, but we had an important second wave. A larger proportion of the population has therefore already been in contact with the virus and the vaccination campaign has started. The conjunction of these two factors could prevent us from a third wave in people at risk. “

For many epidemiologists as for Marius Gilbert, there is currently no reason to believe that the vaccine would not work against the new variant.


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