The number of job seekers continued to decline in the third quarter

At the end of September, there were 3.54 million job seekers in category A throughout France, a sharp drop.

Good news on the employment front: between July and September, the number of job seekers continued to decline, which had started several months ago. According to the latest figures from the Directorate of Research, Studies and Statistics (Dares), published today, the number of category A unemployed throughout France stood at 3.544 million in the third quarter. , down 5.5% over one quarter.

Over three months, the drop in this category is particularly marked, more than that recorded for categories A, B and C (-1.9%) and for all categories (-0.8%). Still, in three months, 206,000 fewer applicants were counted in category A, and 112,800 fewer for categories A, B and C. The decline is more measured for all categories, amounting to only 53,600 applicants. .

In addition, throughout France, the number of category A job seekers has plummeted by 9.7% over one year: it is now back to its pre-crisis level at the end of 2019. Categories B and C are experiencing an evolution contrasted: the first drop slightly over the quarter but grew by 3.3% over one year, and the second, which concerns individuals in reduced activity for a long time, increases sharply. Combined, categories A, B, C have not yet returned to their pre-Covid level: 5.87 million individuals belong to this category, and 6.67 million applicants are registered, all categories combined.


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