“The number of tests carried out and positive will be known with precision from Thursday”

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INTERVIEW – Daniel Lévy-Bruhl is an epidemiologist, responsible for the respiratory infections and vaccination unit at Santé publique France. He explains that “all the indicators show that the virus is still circulating”.

Daniel Lévy-Bruhl.
Daniel Lévy-Bruhl. INED

LE FIGARO. – When will the follow-up of the tests allow us to monitor a possible restart of the epidemic in France?

Daniel LÉVY-BRUHL. – As of Thursday, we will have a very promising new indicator for monitoring test activities. It is based on large piping, the SI-DEP database (integrated screening and prevention service, Editor’s note), which centralizes all virological tests by RT-PCR carried out in France, whether in public or private, ambulatory or hospital laboratories. We defined three indicators: the number of tests carried out compared to the population, the number of positive tests reported to the population and the rate of positive tests. We will have these data with a departmental network. This will allow us to follow the evolution of the epidemic more finely and earlier.

What was the situation before?

We did not have a reliable indicator of the total number of cases. Until May 11, there was no generalized diagnostic strategy

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