the number of vaccine doses available will be reduced in October

Is this the beginning of the end of the Covid epidemic? In any case, the Minister of Health spoke on Thursday of a situation which has improved considerably in France. Olivier Véran indicates that certain health measures could soon to be lightened if it continues like this. The incidence rates are falling in Alsace: 87.2 contaminations per 100,000 inhabitants in the Bas Rhin, 118 in the Haut Rhin. Vaccination is also progressing well. Most of the volunteers have now received their doses.

The Bas-Rhin only records 5,000 first-time injections per week. 88.8% of the adult population is now vaccinated, more than 90% of the over 40s.

Suddenly, it’s the whole vaccination campaign who will reorganize at the beginning of October to adapt to new targets and lower needs.

Centers that are moving

And the strategy in Alsace is not to NOT close the centers. But to adapt their offer or their opening hours. Sometimes have them move: for example, none of the three large vaccination centers in Strasbourg will close. But the vaccinodrome managed by the firefighters in the CEA building will reduce its capacities. In Colmar, the exhibition center vaccination center will remain on the same site, but in smaller premises. With openings every saturday morning, but calibrated on demand the rest of the week. It must be said that the number of doses injected on the spot is dropping sharply. Up to 9,464 bites per week at the end of July, just 5,000 today.

In Haguenau, the large vaccine park at the Sébastien Loeb sports center closed at the end of August to let the Saint François clinic take over. In Mulhouse, the university gymnasium center will also soon be moving. In short, there will always be the possibility of getting vaccinated, but in slightly smaller centers or even at your GP. Liberal doctors and pharmacies can indeed vaccinate with Pfizer or Moderna vaccines.

“The device will be adapted to new vaccine targets. We have almost finished the second doses for this summer. We now have the booster shots for those over 65. So we are trying to adapt to meet the needs. Pharmacists and doctors are mobilized, but this will not be enough. The vaccination centers will adapt by reducing the wing a little, and we are adjusting the vaccine supply that will be available in these centers “ explains Laure Pain, medical adviser to the ARS, and head of the Covid mission for the Bas-Rhin.

Fewer doses available

The municipalities will also redeploy vaccination to reach out to the populations more isolated of certain districts such as Strasbourg, explains Doctor Alexandre Feltz, doctor, and deputy mayor of Strasbourg in charge of health. “We realize that depending on social environments, neighborhoods, we have fewer vaccinated than in other populations. So we’re going to increase the neighborhoods we’re going to. To reach as many people as possible. And let’s not forget that general practitioners and pharmacists can also vaccinate. But we, the community, are going to complete the system, also to go and find the elderly or sick who can access a third dose “ he explains.

Finally, the 3rd booster doses must also be provided. But overall, the number of doses available will therefore be reduced in the Bas-Rhin. And spend 40,000 a week today to 20 to 25,000 at the beginning of October (at the top of the vaccination campaign in June or July, until 92,000 doses have been put available in the department).

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