The number of WhatsApp users has increased, broken the barrier of two billion and new decisions of officials

Facebook, the official operator of WhatsApp, has announced that the number of WhatsApp users has risen to exceed the two billion mark, to become the second largest social networking platform in the world managed to reach this number, as many users prefer to use it for ease in downloading and the ability to work on all devices, whatever their capabilities Weak.

High number of WhatsApp users

Facebook announced officially that the number of users reached two billion users, and WhatsApp did not specify the method for calculating the number of users, but the company announced that in 2014 it had 500 million subscribers, when Facebook bought the application with a deal worth $ 19 billion, in order to Enhance its popularity, especially among younger users.

Facebook company developments

Facebook currently tries to boost its revenue from rapidly growing units such as the Instagram and WhatsApp application, so the company always seeks to develop application tools for e-commerce, and seeks to convert those services into a service for a financial fee, and had previously stated that the number of active monthly users reached 2.50 billion Used until December 21.

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