The numbers that make Valverde essential in Real Madrid

It is the great appearance of the white team so far this season. Unquestionable for Zidane, the team has not lost with him in the starting lineup

Few players have caused as much impact this season as Fede Valverde. It is indisputably one of the appearances of the season and its arrival seems to be to stay. The Uruguayan it has happened in a few months of complement to essential in the center of the Real Madrid field. It started on the bench or outside the calls, but the first day that Zidane took flight to his second unit, at the Bernabéu against Osasuna, it was enough for the midfielder to change his situation. Since then their minutes have skyrocketed and the confirmation that it was important was their ownership in Turkey on a day when victory was only worth and whites played a lot.

From Istanbul, whenever he has played he has been a starter until he entered the second half at Mendizorroza to secure the 1-2. Zidane loved Pogba and has found in Valverde many of the virtues he liked about the French player. The coach has highlighted the physical deployment of the international charrúa, his ability to go from area to area and has cataloged him as a modern footballer. That brings energy to the engine room of Madrid is obvious. It makes the midfielders next to it play better and contributes to the balance that the team has so many times lacked. He lends a hand to Casemiro in the destruction and then associates with Modric or Kroos to exit the game and reach the opposite area.

Since childhood, the coaches he had said he was a shy child, a characteristic that keeps him off the field. More and more is being released on the grass, something confirmed by the two goals already added this season. The two very similar, coming from behind and kicking from the front of the area. His takeoff is a joy for the club, because he is part of that policy of capturing young talent before its price is triggered and then letting the boys mature. Valverde is the paradigm of this strategy and at age 21 it is indisputable in the first team.

Zidane insisted on betting on him and has always wanted him by his side while allowing Llorente or Ceballos to seek life outside the Bernabéu. The numbers give the technician the reason, because with Valverde in the field the goals in favor increase and the received ones are reduced. Real Madrid has not lost in the nine games that the Uruguayan has played as a starter. There are seven wins and two draws with him in the initial eleven and the last time, in the 2-2 against the PSG, the goals of the French arrived just when Fede left the field of play.

The "Pajarito", as he has been known since his childhood in Montevideo, he has taken the undisputed headline poster from Modric and now alternates with the Croatian and Kroos to accompany Casemiro. One option is to play all four together in especially complicated games away from home, such as the one that whites have next day 18 in the Camp Nou classic.

Their irruption has coincided with the improvement of the whole group and has helped whites to be in the sweetest moment of the course. Real Madrid bought Peñarol from Valverde for five million euros and after passing through Castilla and Deportivo de La Coruña, three and a half years later, its market value is around twenty million. A figure that will multiply in the coming months if you continue with this projection. He is only 21 years old, although he plays as a true veteran.


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