The Observatory is expected to be affected by the strong winter monsoon, and the temperature will drop sharply next weekend to the lowest 13°C on Sunday | Position Report | Position News

The nine-day weather forecast issued by the Hong Kong Observatory today (26) shows that the temperature will drop sharply next weekend, and the minimum temperature on December 5 (Sunday) is predicted to drop to 13°C.

According to the Observatory, the northeast monsoon will continue to bring generally sunny and dry weather to southern China in the next two to three days. A replenishment of the monsoon will affect the coastal areas in the middle of next week, making it cooler sooner or later. The Observatory also predicts that due to the strong winter monsoon, the temperature in Guangdong will drop significantly later in the next week. The temperature in Hong Kong will drop to a minimum of 15°C on Saturday, December 4, and a further minimum of 13°C on Sunday.

The weather forecast accuracy error of the Observatory will increase as the forecast timeliness increases. The average accuracy of weather forecasts for the first to third, fourth to seventh, and eighth to ninth days of weather forecasts in the “nine-day weather forecast” except for the “probability of significant rainfall” is about 90%, 85%, and 80%, respectively.

Forecast accuracy and error also vary with different weather systems in different seasons. Generally speaking, the weather in spring and summer, such as fog, tropical cyclone and strong convective weather, varies greatly, so the uncertainty of the forecast will also be higher.

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