the offer that the Celtics refused

The Brooklyn Nets, who won the bet, and the Philadelphia Sixers weren’t the only franchises interested in James Harden. Danny Ainge, General Manager of the Boston Celtics, admitted that he was once won over by the prospect of adding the 2018 MVP to Brad Stevens’ roster. Ainge mused about his Houston Rockets counterpart, Rafael Stone, as James Harden’s desire to leave manifested itself. What Daryl Morey’s successor wanted in return seemed far too high to the Celtics boss.

“James Harden is a great player. He is one of the best strikers in history. I think all teams respect and fear him as an opponent. We have had conversations about him, although not. was not very recent.

There was a lot of discussion, but the asking price never really changed. It was too high for us and we didn’t want to do it. Even the members of our franchise who wanted it the most felt that neither the timing nor the asking price was worth it, ”Ainge explained on The Sports Hub radio show he speaks on every week.

James Harden, Nets, Rockets: Winners and Losers in a Massive Trade!

If he hasn’t revealed the exact price the Rockets are asking for, the Boston Sports Journal took care of it. According to local media, Houston specifically asked the Celtics to include Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart and Draft rounds in a package for James Harden. Stone inevitably knows Danny Ainge’s love for picks, but also for Brown and Smart, and he probably knew that this offer would be refused.

The Celtics have a good chance of crossing paths with James Harden in the playoffs this season. It would be an opportunity to see if keeping Jaylen Brown and Marcus Smart was really worth it.

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