The old runner-up, ‘Port Authority’ started the first 3 points, hitting Bangkok City 2-0.

The old runner-up, ‘Port Authority’ started the first 3 points, hitting Bangkok City 2-0.

Thai Futsal League 2021/2022 match 2 on Thursday, October 14 at Indoor Stadium Huamark, there are 3 games to play, with an interesting match being the field of the former vice-champion “Singha Khlong Toei Port Authority who started the first game of the season to meet “Dragon God” Bangkok City

In this game, “Coach Dom” Udom Thaweesuk, the port manager, sends Jesada Chudet in front of the Thai national team. recently launched with the club Started the field, the first match was the first 5 immediately, starting the game for 7 minutes, the corner kick of Sorasak Poonchangreed, paid for Itthicha Praphaphan, hit a single boom, plugged in the first pole. “Sing Klong Toei” led 1-0 and was the only score that occurred in the first half.

The second half, the port that still holds the ball above, opens the game to attack continuously, adding 2-0 more goals from the stroke of Jetsada Chudet to Watcharalaisri press a narrow corner at 33 am after losing two goals, Bangkok Sinai tries Played power play immediately, but finally failed to penetrate. End of the game. Port Authority defeated Bangkok City 2-0, starting the first 3 points of the season and keeping a clean sheet in the opening game as well.

While “Thep Phrachai” Tha Kham Cold Room with 3 points from the first match, enters the field to meet “Eagle Orange” NT Futsal Club with 1 point from the first game, Pattaya Piamkhum, Tha Kham Cold Room manager, uses a good trick from Kelton Antunes and Wendel Mendes 2 Brazilians lead the army, while Virayut Taweekan, the NT Futsal Club manager, has Bunyachet Tasana, as well as William and Vita as the protagonists.

The first half of the game, Tha Kham Cold Room did better, leading 2 goals from Wendel Messes at 2nd and Therdsak Charoenpong at 20. Finished the first half, Tha Kham cold room led 2-0. The second half NT Futsal Club came to speed up with 3 goals, overtaking the lead from William, hitting 2 goals alone at 2:00 p.m. and at 28 p.m. The other goal was from Katawut Phuphan, who shot the old team. 29 games seemed to be a victory for NT Futsal Club, but then at the end of the game at 38 Kelton Atunes hit right outside the box. The ball ricocheted into the goal, helping Tha Kham cold room to draw with NT Futsal Club in a fun 3-3 way, divided by 1 point per team.

Another pair of results

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