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The old school bus turns into a rolling model house

It is not easy for a budding architect to tackle a project that will actually be built as a thesis. The cost of a normal house is just too high. But Hank Butitta said: “I was just tired of drawing buildings that will never be built, for customers that don’t exist and with details that I don’t really understand.”
He wanted to make something himself for his master’s thesis at the University of Minnesota. Butitta finally found the solution to his problems with the advertising portal Craiglist. There he bought a discarded school bus for only $ 3,000. The bus wasn’t just converted into a mobile home. Numerous visions for a space-saving modular furnishing style were implemented in it. All fixtures obey a precisely defined grid and can be exchanged with one another.
In order to get by with such a small footprint, it is important that every square meter fulfills several functions. It is not possible to have one room for eating, one for sleeping and a third for working. The facility must be easy to transform for different needs. “My project shows that you learn more when you actually work a small room to the end than when you just sketch out a complex project on the surface,” says Hank Butitta.
Although the bus only has a floor space of around 23 square meters, it can now be occupied by six people. Butitta invested another 6,000 dollars for the expansion, and he completed most of the work in 15 weeks.
The best thing about the project: After passing the master’s degree, the other students were allowed to hang up their presentations and stow them in folders. Hank Bulitta, on the other hand, invited his friends on a tour of the USA with his bus.

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