The oncologist told what type of cancer men most often do not notice

The oncologist has named a type of cancer that men usually do not notice.

Dangerous not only for women

It turns out that breast cancer, common among women, sometimes occurs in representatives of the strong half of humanity. This was told by the chief freelance oncologist of the Ministry of Health Andrey Kaprin.

Of course, the expert emphasized that this type of disease is not common in men, but it cannot be said that these are isolated cases.

It is noteworthy that the proliferation of cancer cells in the mammary glands of men takes on more aggressive forms than in women. The disease develops faster and is harder to treat.

Therefore, the oncologist recommends that everyone be attentive to their health without exception.

– Here, too, on-alertness should be, because these men should, as soon as the first symptoms appear, some kind of discomfort, pain in the mammary gland, immediately go. The sooner we find out, the better, – said Caprin.

Scary statistics

The expert clarified that according to Rosstat data, in 2020, 21 462 women out of 734 thousand under observation died from malignant neoplasms of the mammary gland. 172 men were also in the spotlight of oncologists.

How not to miss the development of cancer

In order to recognize your illness in time and begin treatment, it is important to pay attention to any signs of ill health. But the following symptoms should be especially alert:

  • severe swelling, especially if you did not drink a lot of liquid the day before;

  • increased sweating at night;

  • sudden changes in weight;

  • frequent chills;

  • persistent cough or shortness of breath;

  • itchy skin all over the body.


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