The One and Only review Korean series Thai dubs murder drama

Kang Hyewon role Kang Se Yeon
A housewife who looks like a normal person. She lives in her responsibilities, not becoming so prominent until when she’s diagnosed with a deadly disease at the end of her life.

Kim Kyung Nam as Min Woo Cheon
A young man with a quiet expression, strange behavior had many painful knots in his heart. During life’s lowest point He was involved in a murder case with Pyo In Sook.

The One and Only | 한 사람만 murder caseSynopsis: The One and Only

Three girls Pyo In Sook, Song Mi Do and Kang Se Yeon are terminally ill. therefore went to a rehabilitation facility Although the three are different, but understand and sympathize with each other and meet Min Woo Shin, who is involved in a mysterious murder case. until causing his life to change until it continued to decline

The One and Only | Only one | 한 사람만 three beautiful girlsFun to follow and give ideas.

It’s a series that doesn’t have to think too hard. Most of them can guess the right way. Presentation of the story of terminally ill patients of the three characters who live in sanatoriums The caretaker nun advised the patient that this place was not a place to wait for death, but to be a place of strength to stay alive. When the three of them come to live together, they help and heal each other’s hearts. until the story becomes more intense, especially during the murder scene There will be a heavy drama that comes in almost every episode to make tears come out unknowingly. Called who likes the sad style mixed with tears. and reflect life’s problems, then don’t miss out

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