The only case in which Rousaud could get Neymar …

“He has contacted his environment. The filing of lawsuits against the club does not facilitate his return in any case. But Neymar has the wickers to join a club like ours. We are with the idea that his return to Barcelona will be forged. Last year, he had the intention of returning. “This was the bomb that Emili Rousaud, former vice president of FC Barcelona, ​​released at the submission of your application for the next Barça elections.

The former Barça manager brought up the name of Neymar Jr and confirmed that he is already making the first steps to make possible the return of the Brazilian. But the ’10’ of Paris Saint-Germain would not arrive next summer, but would do it in 2022, with the freedom letter under his arm. The forward ends contract that year and Rousaud himself was the one who assured that this is the way he wants to sign the ‘crack’.

“You have to understand our project. What we have to keep in mind is that our shirt has weight. We are working to sign top players, franchise players, when the contract ends. Before they hatch and have a high price, “said the candidate. A few words that make it very clear that the moment in which he will be launched for Ney will be in January 2022 and not before.

But to be able to sign the one from Sao Paulo for free, the ex blaugrana will have to get it before he commits not to renew with PSG. Something that, on the other hand, is not going to be easy, since he is currently negotiating his contract extension. It seems that the paulista is willing to continue in Paris, although it remains to be seen if the French will accept the salary increase he is asking for. That could be what saves Barcelona and Rousaud.

But not only should he prevent the international ‘canarinho’ from renewing, but also you will also have to ensure that you do not accept any of the possible offers you may have in 2021 in case you don’t renew. Real Madrid, Manchester United, City, Juventus from Turin or Liverpool could try to sign him if he gets within reach. The former vice president will have to make the player reject any kind of offer or the plan for his return will be impossible.

Convincing Messi to stay to sign Neymar

By last, perhaps it is also necessary to convince Leo Messi so that he stays, since the Argentine is a great friend of the Brazilian. The PSG ‘crack’ may not want to return to Barça if the Rosario goes to Manchester City next summer, which is what is being talked about. In short, it is a tremendously complicated operation that will require a lot of patience, work and even a lot of luck.

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