“The only winner of this debacle is Oprah Winfrey”, “Not what we expected”, “Devastating”: British press in shock after interview with Meghan and Harry

This Sunday evening was broadcast the eagerly awaited interview of Meghan and Harry by Oprah Winfrey on the American channel CBS. A two-hour interview, during which the former royal couple confided without taboos about their past life within the British monarchy. In particular, they revealed that some members of Buckingham Palace had been worried about the color of Archie’s skin. The palace would have even refused to grant a title of nobility to the child. Meghan also reconsidered the deep discomfort she felt during this period, even admitting to having had thoughts of suicide.

Revelations that had the effect of a bomb all over the world but particularly in England. On the other side of the Channel, the press does not know where to turn to cover the subject. On the front page of all the newspapers, the shocking revelations of the couple but also the very mixed opinions of the experts. Robert Jobson, specialist of the British royal family, reveals in particular in the columns of the Daily Mail that in his eyes the only winner of this “new debacle” is Oprah Winfrey.

The self-obsessed Duke and Duchess of Sussex have cast their troubles on millions of people. I felt like I was interfering in a private grief. In places it was terribly cranky, sometimes hard to watch“He explains. He does not hesitate to openly criticize the behavior of Meghan Markle, highlighting her qualities of” overpriced “actresses to deliver a” stilted and clearly staged “performance. He, calling the royal family a racist is appalling and dishonest, and does not understand how the couple can claim to support Queen Elizabeth throughout the interview and at the same time attack certain members of the royal family “in an inappropriate way”.

On Twitter, British viewers called on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to be “stripped” of their last royal titles following this explosive interview, some even accusing the couple of being disrespectful to the Queen.

“A devastating interview”

On the Telegraph side, the experts are unanimous: this interview was both what they expected and at the same time quite the opposite as well. “We knew it would be hit TV. But what we hadn’t anticipated about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex interview was how pure their ‘truth’ was going to be.“, relates the journalist Camilla Tominey. She compares this interview to a Hoolywoodien film and describes the truth of the couple with incessant blows.”We can think of those who are picking up the broken pots at Kensington Palace at the moment following these revelations (…) And as if that wasn’t damning enough, Meghan’s tearful confession revealing that she had considered suicide has managed to drive the penultimate nail into the coffin of the already well-established reputation of the royal family.”

To conclude, the expert somewhat attacked the couple, saying “they were forced to sign deals with Netflix and Spotify because they had no money.” Meghan Markle, in particular, took it for her rank, since the journalist even declared “that if for her ‘Mum’ is the most important title, she still wants her son to be a prince”.

As for the Guardian or the Sun, the two newspapers prefer not to position themselves on the subject and focus on the “sensational” revelations of Meghan Markle. The BBC for its part is content to describe the interview as “devastating” for the monarchy and a “blow to the institution”. The media claims to hear only one bell there and wonders what Buckingham Palace could well have to say on the subject.

Finally, the Times played the safety card on her by highlighting the Queen’s Commonwealth speech to the nation on Sunday. If the queen did not speak on this controversial interview, which at that time was about to be broadcast, she nevertheless subtly alluded to Meghan and Harry. “Contact with our family is essential at this time“she said.

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