The opposition accuses the mayor of interference

Candidates in the race for mayor are firing red balls on Régis Labeaume, whom they accuse of poking their noses into the electoral campaign and of using public funds for partisan purposes.

Three candidates went out on Monday to denounce the interference of the outgoing mayor in the pre-election campaign.

It should start on September 17, but announcements where he is present with his runner-up and new head of his party raise eyebrows.

This is the case of a $ 35 million ad on thea conversion of the Colosseum to accommodate “emerging” sports made with Marie-Josée Savard last week.

Use of public funds

For Bruno Marchand, from Quebec strong and proud, it is an electoral announcement and the mayor has used public funds for partisan purposes. He is considering the possibility of alerting the Chief Electoral Officer.

The strong and proud chef of Quebec, Bruno Marchand

Photo Stevens LeBlanc

The strong and proud chef of Quebec, Bruno Marchand

“As soon as we use the City’s resources to make an election announcement like that, we are entitled to ask ourselves: are we using the City’s financial and human resources wisely? »Suggested the candidate Marchand, during a press scrum.

There is, according to him, “confusion”, “proximity” and “interference in the countryside”. The mayor did not want to react or enter the campaign. Régis Labeaume believes that the announcement of the Colosseum is part of current affairs. “We have to manage the city. What is being said there is as old as the moon. ”

Jean-François Gosselin, chief of Quebec 21, added more. “Ms. Savard is the boss, it’s up to her to make announcements. Not to the mayor. Otherwise, if the mayor does that, he uses public money, Quebec City funds, to make a pre-election announcement. “


He considers “special” the way in which Mr. Labeaume is omnipresent with Ms. Savard. “I wouldn’t accept that. I would like to do my own campaign. “

The candidate and leader of Democracy Quebec, Jean Rousseau, asks for “restraint” on the part of the mayor, who gives an “undue advantage” to Marie-Josée Savard, who is systematically present with him during public outings, he said.

“He’s the one pulling the strings. He believes the line between day-to-day business and election announcements is blurred.

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