The opposition to the Maduro regime announced the arrival in Venezuela of 32 tons of international aid with medical supplies

Unloading the shipment in Venezuela

An airplane with 32 tons of medical supplies, obtained thanks to international aid, landed this Sunday in Venezuela “to help save the lives” of citizens and “correct the precariousness of the health system”, reported the opposition deputy Miguel Pizarro.

“Today, Sunday, November 22, 2020, A plane from Paris, sent by the international donor community, arrived in the country with 32 tons of health supplies”, Reads a statement from Pizarro and distributed by the team of opposition leader Juan Guaidó.

Among the supplies are personal protective equipment, “Hospital kits with essential supplies”, masks, soaps, eye protectors, as well as “nutrition supplies and supplies for the immunization campaign.”

(photo: @unicefvenezuela)

(photo: @unicefvenezuela)

“Humanitarian aid is in support of the country and arrives in Venezuela as a result of the solidarity of governments and multilateral organizations”Added Pizarro, appointed by Guaidó as commissioner for the UN.

Therefore, he thanked the international donor community and humanitarian agencies “that continue to make it possible for this aid to reach Venezuelans.”

“At the same time, we remember that the humanitarian space and humanitarian principles: equality, neutrality, impartiality and operational independence, must be respected; and the attempt at propaganda and manipulation must be condemned ”, the legislator stressed.


On November 4, the Venezuelan opposition condemned in a statement the alleged use that, according to what they denounced, the Nicolás Maduro regime has made of the aid received by Unicef ​​to promote the political campaign of the ruling party in the face of the legislative elections of December 6 .

In addition, Pizarro warned on that occasion that the use of humanitarian aid for political propaganda goes against humanitarian principles.

The pandemic

Three women died in Venezuela in the last 24 hours due to covid-19, with which there are already 869 people killed by the disease caused by the new coronavirus, reported this Saturday the Minister of Communications of the regime, Freddy Ñáñez. In addition, 418 new infections were registered, of which 363 are community-transmitted and 55 are “imported cases” by returned migrants.

The northwestern state of Zulia, bordering Colombia, is the region where the newest infected were detected (140). In total, 78 of the cases were located in the capital, Maracaibo.

Behind is Caracas, with 65 new infections, followed by the states of Lara (38), Bolívar (30), Táchira (22), Miranda (17), Mérida (16), La Guaira (13), Aragua (12) , Nueva Esparta (6), Anzoátegui (3) and Trujillo (1).

Of the 55 “imported” cases, 53 came from Colombia and two from Brazil.

Therefore, since the beginning of the pandemic and according to the data of the regime, 99,435 infected with the new coronavirus have been confirmed in Venezuela, of which 94,355 people have already recovered.

Venezuela will conclude tomorrow seven days of partial relaxation of the economy, which will presumably be followed by a week of radical quarantine in a system that the dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro calls 7 + 7.

(With information from EFE)


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