The orca that was born between La Lobería and Bahía Rosas will be baptized by a school in El Cóndor

In July 2021, two groups of orcas visited for a long time between the coasts of La Lobería and Bahía Rosas. what caught people’s attention. But what caused astonishment was the appearance in that group of a calf.

On July 11 of that year, it was registered by the environmental guard Fernando Mariño and the photojournalist for RÍO NEGRO, Marcelo Ochoa. These photos served to identify the group of killer whales that generally navigate the waters of Chubut, more precisely in Punta Norte where they perform the intentional stranding, which is a unique technique in the world and which only belongs to this group of killer whales from that area.

The strange permanence of these two groups of killer whales in this area was revealed when a calf was identified and it was at that moment that an explanation could be given for the long stay in the area.

These images allowed the work together with Península Valdés Orca Researchan international organization based in Península Valdés, Chubut and whose mission is to study the orca population that inhabits this protected area in southern Argentina.

It is estimated that the calf would have been born between July 9 and 11, 2021 on the Rio Negro coast. It was confirmed that she is the daughter of Konke who is part of the group along with her sister Auka and her mother Jazmin, who leads that clan. There was another group of eorcas that she accompanied, led by Llen, Jazmin’s sister, who travels with her brother Pao, her sister Shekei and her daughter Shotel.

Breeding with Konke in July 2021 in Bahía Rosas. Photo: Marcelo Ochoa

Almost two years later, great news arrived for the Río Negro coast and that is that the students of school No. 246 will choose the name of the orca.

On that occasion, one of the co-founders and co-director of Peninsula Valdes Orca Research; María Leoní Gaffet, had advanced the possibility of choosing the name of the orca because it was a fact that it had been born in the area of ​​La Lobería and Bahía Rosas.

It will finally come true and details are being worked out for that to happen shortly, when the calf is two years old. Something that is done in Chubut when these births occur.

At the moment, work is being done on the list of possible names, and their meanings, so that students from the El Cóndor school can choose by vote.

The joint work between Península Valdés Orca Research and, above all, the environmental guards of Río Negro and Chubut was key. Especially for the people from Río Negro who managed to obtain information and images of these orcas that allowed the baptism of an orca in the area.

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