Economy The ordered product has never been delivered, who to...

The ordered product has never been delivered, who to turn against?


“I ordered from Amazon but was never delivered. I got in touch with the seller in China but, for him, the product was delivered. So he didn’t want to reimburse me. Who can I turn against? Wonders Lydie, Rouen (Seine-Maritime). The answer of Julia Le Roux, lawyer at UFC-Que Choisir

“You made a purchase on the Amazon marketplace. As such, your seller is not Amazon but the Chinese trader. In principle, your appeals must be made to him. You must first check in its general conditions of sale which law is applicable.

The process can be laborious and the general conditions of sale somewhat opaque. Therefore, it is best to contact Amazon as part of its commercial warranty. The guarantee from A to Z. For this, you must file your complaint in your customer area, section Your commands then click on Problem with order.

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If you want a refund for your item, your request must be registered within 90 days of the estimated delivery date. If Amazon refuses, it is possible to contest. In the event of a new refusal, your only recourse will remain to bring the Chinese seller to justice … in Chinese. “

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