The origin of Corona .. new evidence of the production of the virus in a laboratory in Wuhan, China

Since the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, and there is a question that millions of people wish to reach an answer to, where did the Corona virus appear and how it was transmitted to humans.

British Professor Angus Dalglish and Norwegian virologist Berger Sorensen said they had found “evidence” of the industrial origin of the Corona virus.

And according to what the newspaper “Daily Mail” reported, the study conducted by Dalglish and Sorensen, found that Chinese scientists developed “SARS-Cov-2” in the Wuhan laboratory.

The study said that they then tried to “hide their traces” in a way that makes everyone believe that the Corona virus arose in a natural way and not of man-made.

The British professor and the Norwegian virologist said that they reached this conclusion after analyzing the experiments conducted by scientists in Wuhan between 2002 and 2019, and concluded that Chinese scientists, including in cooperation with American universities, had developed tools to create SARS-Cov-2.

According to the two experts, the Wuhan laboratory tried to make the naturally occurring virus more contagious so that it multiplies rapidly in human cells, suggesting that scientists from China took the “basic” of the Corona virus from cave bats, and made other changes in its composition, to be more contagious and fatal.

Among these new components of the virus is a chain of four amino acids, which allows the virus to adhere tightly to human cells like a magnet.

According to the Norwegian virologist, it is rare that there is a chain in natural viruses of only 3 acids, and not of the 4 acids that have been discovered.

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