“The Original God” Twitter activity rewards are too embarrassing, “Invite Elon Musk to play games” was bombarded and had to delete the tweets | 4Gamers

The official Twitter of the European and American version of “Original God” was bombarded by players today (14). The reason was the latest official Twitter tracking activity. The reward setting was “Let Elon Musk come to play the game”, which caused a topic in the community. . At present, the tweet of the “Original God” event has been deleted, but many players on the Internet have backed up and saved the original image, criticizing this event for simply inexplicable.

Ella Musk is a researcher of Qiuqiu human language in “Original God”. A few days ago, Mihayou held an event on the official Twitter of the English version with Ella Musk as the protagonist. Just followElla Musk’s Twitter accountAfter reaching a certain number of people, Elon Musk will be invited for some activities.

For example, if Ella Musk’s Twitter tracking number exceeds 1 million, the game’s official Twitter will follow Musk’s Twitter; when the tracking number exceeds 3 million, the official will invite Musk to play “Original God” live; If the tracking number exceeds 5 million, CEO Liu Wei (also known as Viagra) will invite Musk to visit Mihayou headquarters.

Judging from the status quo, European and American players actually don’t care if Musk himself played “The Protagonist”, and even think why Mihayou organized a set of such activities for Musk, so the official Twitter later changed the original The tweets of tracking activities have been deleted, but the original activities have been backed up by many players.Passed down to future generations


Some players are sour, the Japanese public relations team of “Yuan Shen” constantly holds retweets and awards activities, and shoots seiyuu interview videos on the anniversary, on the other hand, the European and American teams have nothing else but Elon Musk.

There are also players who think that this event of “Original God” actually allows people who have nothing to do with the game to play the game as a reward. It caused public grievances to make the official have to delete the original tweet. Some players made Zhang Miyin, an irony of Europe and America. How did the “Yuan Shen” Twitter account make the scene like this.

Players are dissatisfied, and Tesla founder Elon Musk also said in his latest tweet earlier that he “can’t wait to join “The Original God”.” This tweet immediately attracted a large number of retweets and likes, and some netizens joked under Musk’s tweet: “Your daughter, Ella Musk is waiting for you in the game.”

Previously, when Mihayou was on the full anniversary of “The Original God”, the official government spent a lot of money to buy ads for marketing, so that the full anniversary of “The Original God” advertisements appeared, but the rewards in the game were too few and many players were rewarded. Quite dissatisfied.

Now that the “Original God” European and American teams have once again provoked dissatisfaction among players due to a Musk-related activity, the next step is to see how the official can resolve the current embarrassing situation.


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