The Original Venom Movie Failed: Why Was There A Sequel?

The first movie of Venom It was not very successful and even the specialized critics received it with bad reviews. So much so that on Rotten Tomatoes it has a 30% acceptance by specialists. However, many fans knew how to recognize the effort that Tom Hardy put to carry out the papers of Eddie Brock and the alien symbiote Venom.

The first film has very funny moments like for example every time Eddie y Venom they interact. The first time the journalist hears the symbiote in his head, it is not wasted. It is important to note that attempts to achieve a good level of comedy in the film are effective. In the same way that it happens during the sequel, which has a better reception than that first installment.

Why did Venom have a sequel?

It is always said that a superhero movie is going to be only as good as its villain. In this case, the original tape of Venom presents Riot, a symbiote with a dangerous agenda: the invasion of his species to our planet. Carnage, the baddie of the sequel, has more personal motivations: he wants to eliminate Venom in the same way as your host Cletus Kasady is obsessed with Eddie Brock.

The truth is that the first entry of Venom in the seventh art it has many positive things that were enhanced in the second film: humor, action and the relationship between Eddie y Venom. Fans who enjoyed the 2018 film will surely do the same with this 2021 film. Venom: Let There Be Carnage it’s entertaining, nimble, and doesn’t take itself as seriously as the original movie.

How come there was a sequel? The answer is a proper name: Tom Hardy. The actor found a role to suit him and left everything in his first performance. Venom he is passionate about it. So much so, that he was even part of key creative decisions within the sequel. Not only that, the interpreter can’t wait for Eddie Brock cross your path with Peter Parker: Venom vs. Spider-Man. And Let There Be Carnage is a success, there will be little time left for that crossover established in the film’s post-credits scene.


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