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The outer layer of the atmosphere The troposphere, the stratosphere, the mesosphere or the exosphere, the atmosphere consists of six layers, which are a mixture of gases that surround the Earth and are attracted to it in order by Earth’s gravity.

The outer layer of the atmosphere

The outer layer of the atmosphere is the exosphere, which is the outer layer of the atmosphere, and its name is derived from the English word (Exo) which means outer. This layer rises above the thermosphere to the end of the atmosphere at an altitude of 64,400 km, and in this layer the air molecules are almost absent, and at the bottom there is a gaseous atom about 10 km away, we conclude that the correct answer to this question is

  • The outermost layer of the atmosphere is the exosphere.

Atmosphere layers in order

The atmosphere consists of six successive layers that surround the planet and are pulled towards it by Earth’s gravity. Below are the details of each layer


The rotating troposphere is the lowest layer of the atmosphere closest to the Earth, and it is the layer in which living things live and includes clouds, rain and snow. This layer accounts for 75% of all the air in the atmosphere and almost all of the water vapor (which makes up clouds and rain).


The stratosphere follows the troposphere, which rises about 50 km above the surface of the earth, and this layer contains ozone, because the increase in temperature occurs with altitude due to the absorption of this ozone by the ultraviolet rays of the sun, and protects the earth. Among its damages, the chemicals that were previously used in the manufacture of refrigerators, aerosol cans and fire extinguishers reduced the amount of ozone in the stratosphere.


The rotating mesosphere is the third layer after the troposphere and the stratosphere, between 80 and 85 kilometers above sea level, or more than 20 kilometers above the stratosphere. The lower part is hotter than the upper part.


The thermosphere is the fourth layer of the atmosphere. This layer rises 500 km when the sun is active and 1000 km when the sun is calm, which means that its thickness above the mesosphere ranges between 420 and 670 km respectively, and between this layer and the next layer there is no thermal limit, and its mouth according to the composition of the gas, the degree of The temperature of this layer is -93 degrees Celsius below zero.


The ionosphere is the fifth layer above the mesosphere, located at an altitude of 80-125 km, and this layer is located at the bottom of the thermosphere, and hydrogen gas is present in it, at a high rate.

Thus, we have come to the end of our article today, which was entitled the outer layer of the atmosphere, is it after answering this question, implying you the layers of the atmosphere in order.

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