“The Outpost” on Sky: With Orlando Bloom in the Afghanistan war

What makes a war film an anti-war film? The perspective on this issue is not entirely clear. Our two film experts are of the opinion that an anti-war film must always be a kind of war film in order to position itself clearly. The best example is the war drama “The Outpost” with Scott Eastwood and Orlando Bloom, the current Oscar recommendation by ntv film podcasters.

“Welcome to the dark side of the moon” greets newcomers who arrive in 2006 in a remote US outpost in the hills of Afghanistan. A saying that relentlessly underlines what awaits the soldiers.

There is also thumbs up for a film about a boy who gets caught between the lines of drug dealers, police and FBI in Detroit in the 1980s. Every Friday at “Oscars & Raspberries” everything revolves around streaming services such as Netflix, TVNOW, Amazon Prime & Co.


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