The overall price level will continue to maintain a stable operation

According to a report from the National Development and Reform Commission on November 20, China’s Macroeconomic Research Institute reports that my country’s important livelihood commodities are in sufficient supply. Recently, coal and other energy prices have fallen sharply, and prices of some raw materials have also declined significantly. They have the confidence and confidence to keep domestic prices generally stable. Operation, there will be no “inflation” situation where prices will rise across the board, and there is absolutely no need to worry too much. Looking forward to the latter part of this year and next year, the supply of goods and services in the consumer sector in my country is abundant, especially important livelihood commodities such as grains, oils, meat, eggs, milk, fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as coal and other basic energy supplies, which can better meet the basic needs of the people. , The overall price level will continue to maintain a stable operation trend.

The report stated that for more than a year, in the context of multiple rounds of global epidemics, significant increases in international commodity prices, and significant increase in import pressure, the state has coordinated the promotion of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, and has implemented scientific and accurate macroeconomic policies. Strengthening the guidance of market expectations, promptly dealing with abnormal price fluctuations, effectively ensuring sufficient volume and price stability of important livelihood commodities.In October this year, our countryCPIA year-on-year increase of 1.5%, the core CPI after excluding food and energy rose by 0.1% month-on-month and 1.3% year-on-year, both within a reasonable range. At present, other countries and regions are experiencing severe energy supply shortages. CPI growth in major economies continues to hit new highs and even severe inflation. my country’s price stability is in sharp contrast to this, reflecting my country’s strong epidemic prevention and control measures, key livelihood commodities and infrastructure Adequate energy supply.

The report pointed out that, at present, the general trend of my country’s economic growth in the medium and long term has not changed, and the fundamentals have not changed. The country maintains strategic determination, strengthens confidence, coordinates the overall domestic and international situations, handles the two major issues of development and security, maintains the continuity, stability, and sustainability of macroeconomic policies, and implements cross-cycle macroeconomic control measures with precision and deepens the supply side The effects of structural reforms continue to be released, the coordination of economic work is further enhanced, the supply and demand cycles, industrial cycles, and market cycles of the national economy are further unblocked, and the foundation for stabilizing the overall price level is still very solid.

(Source: China Securities Journal·China Securities Network)


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