The owner of the most famous picture in Egypt.. Fan of the plateau: I was Sarhana and my look was sincere

A few days ago, a picture of the plateau, Amr Diab, spread, while he was looking at one of the girls during a television interview after his revival of the “Expo” Dubai party, and the pioneers of social networking sites exchanged this image and asked about the identity of the girl who exchanged looks with the plateau.

The girl, who is called Amira Bou Rabie, said in a television interview: “I am a Tunisian, and Amr Diab’s fan is in Dubai. I work. I was with my fan friends. I did not expect what happened, and it was a surprise. I did not know that I was visible in the background of the meeting recorded by Amr Diab.”

Amira Bou Rabie added: “The look was very honest, and it is normal for a person to see his dream face to face, and I see my favorite artist soon. “.

And if she was offered to appear as a model in Cape with Amr Diab, she said: “I had an experience in the field when I was a beauty queen 10 years ago, and I did some advertisements and they wanted me to enter the field of acting, but I was focused at the time in education and academic development, but if I had the opportunity to appear in A clip with Amr Diab, sure I won’t refuse.

And Amira Bou Rabie continued: “Amr Diab is present in all our age stages, and I do not hear anyone else, whether in the house, the car, or anywhere, and if I think of a song that expresses what happened and the trend remains, it is the song You are the luck that Amr Diab sang.”


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