The pandemic in Europe: fed up with restrictions and re / de-containment

In several countries in Europe, demonstrations were organized this Saturday to say stop to the restrictions linked to the health crisis. And at the same time, some governments are giving way.


Police intervened to disperse the several hundred people gathered in Nicosia.
Protesters were also marching against corruption in the country.


Nearly 2,000 people defied the ban on demonstrations and made their voices heard in Vienna.
Expression of fed up with the pandemic, restrictive measures such as wearing a mask or closing many establishments.
A mobilization which also testifies to the concern about the economic consequences of the crisis.


Some Czechs have also expressed their dissatisfaction with the government’s handling of the health crisis.
Parade of cars for a noisy demonstration.

The authorities announced a few days ago the isolation of three cantons, including two on the border with Germany.

These three townships are areas where the British variant of the coronavirus is actively circulating. The inhabitants of these regions are therefore no longer authorized to circulate. And this poses problems for many cross-border commuters who are used to going to neighboring Germany, to work for example.


The German government has also ordered the border to be closed with the region of Austrian Tyrol, a territory also strongly affected by the Covid-19 variant.

Germany, like many European countries, is limiting entry and exit into its territory in order to slow the progression of the epidemic.

The Chancellor recently announced that the restrictions would be in effect at least until March 7.


Conversely, Poland is losing weight.

For a few days, the ski resorts have been open, as have the swimming pools, museums, shopping centers and even theaters.


We end this overview with Belgium, where it is the hairdressers who are open again, since this Saturday.

All hair salons had been closed since November, when the government ordered a new lockdown. The reopening is nevertheless conditional on a very strict sanitary protocol.


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