The pandemic touches 2 million deaths, after a new record of daily deaths

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Geneva, Jan 15 (EFE) .- The World Health Organization (WHO) reported today 15,800 deaths from COVID-19 in the last 24 hours, the worst daily figure in more than a year of pandemic, so the total of Accumulated deaths amounted to 1.97 million.

Almost 700,000 new positives for coronavirus were also registered, bringing the total global cases to 91.4 million.

Almost half of the deaths in the pandemic have been registered in America (940,000), while Europe accounts for almost 650,000, South Asia 190,000 and the Middle East 126,000.

Africa and East Asia, the regions least affected by the health crisis, add 50,000 and 21,000 deaths, respectively.

The American continent is also the one with the most cases (40 million), followed by Europe (29 million), South Asia (12 million) and the Middle East (5.2 million).

The US accumulates almost a quarter of the cases on the planet (22 million), followed by India with 10.5 million, Brazil with 8.2 million and Russia with 3.4 million.

The United Kingdom is next with 3.2 million cases, followed by France (2.7 million), Italy (2.3 million) and Spain (2.1 million), whose daily contagion curve already shows a third wave just as virulent as the second of November.

The United States is also the country that has reported the most deaths from COVID-19 (381,000), followed by Brazil (205,000), India (151,000), Mexico (136,000), the United Kingdom (84,000), Italy (80,000), France (68,000) and Russia (63,000).

The recovered patients on the planet amount to almost 67 million, and of the 24 million active cases, 0.5% (111,000) are in serious or critical condition, according to figures from national health networks.

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