The Paris Bourse advances 0.10%, pending Joe Biden

Published on : 14/01/2021 – 13:22Modified : 14/01/2021 – 13:20

Paris (AFP)

The Paris Bourse rose 0.10% in mid-session Thursday, pending the presentation of the stimulus plan of the next US President Joe Biden, intended to help businesses and households.

The flagship CAC 40 index gained 5.57 points to 5,668.24 points around 12.50 p.m. (11.50 a.m. GMT), the day after a gain of 0.21% against the backdrop of soaring Carrefour shares. On a European scale, Frankfurt took 0.20% and London 0.71%.

Despite the ever-greater worsening of the Covid-19 pandemic around the world and new death records in the UK and Spain, investors were focusing a little more on what gives them hope.

For the moment, “investors prefer to see the glass half full, with the announcement of a new support plan from Joe Biden, which is expected to represent $ 2,000 billion,” says Franklin Pichard, director of Kiplink Finance .

President-elect presents the basis for the next economic aid package on Thursday, which should enable the United States to emerge from the worst crisis the country has known since the 1930s, when millions of Americans are still unemployed .

In recent days, the markets have oscillated between the hope of a return to growth thanks to this plan and the fear of a return of inflation in the United States, an expectation notably materialized by the sharp rise in bond yields. Americans in recent days.

“A lasting resurgence of inflation in the United States does not appear to be a significant risk within a few quarters,” however anticipates Hervé Goulletquer, strategist at La Banque Postale AM.

“This does not mean that we should not understand the vigilance of the market in this area, because of the exceptional economic policy measures taken for nearly a year,” he adds.

Carrefour plunges after its flight

The distribution group plunged 4.96% to 16.67 euros, the sharpest drop in the CAC 40, the day after a surge of 13%. The French Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire said he was “not in favor” of the rapprochement in food distribution between the Canadian Couche-Tard and the French giant.

Tesco is enjoying Christmas

The supermarket chain (-0.54% to 241.00 pence) posted a “record” Christmas thanks to the boom in online sales and containment. This performance helps it to absorb the additional cost of 810 million pounds generated over the entire fiscal year by the pandemic.

Renault fall, PSA rise

Renault (-0.35% to 35.69 euros) will produce less, be more economical and target only profitable markets to recover its margins, the group announced Thursday as part of its “Renaulution” plan.

Regarding the French car manufacturer PSA (+ 3.50% to 23.05 euros) on the verge of joining forces with Fiat Chrysler, global sales plummeted by 27.8% in 2020, to 2.5 million vehicles, penalized by the health crisis, according to a press release.

The German automobile was progressing well on its side, Volkswagen taking 2.64% to 148.62 euros, Daimler 1.68% to 58.19 euros and BMW 1.23% to 69.97 euros.

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