The Paris Conservatory of Music renounces the dismissal of the cellist Jérôme Pernoo

Targeted by an internal investigation for sexual assault on a minor, the contractual professor was not dismissed. But he was suspended from his post in order to sanction his teaching methods which, obviously, displease the management.

The ax fell on Tuesday, September 7, one week before the start of the Paris National Conservatory of Music and Dance (CNSMDP). The cello teacher Jérôme Pernoo was targeted by a preliminary investigation, opened by the Paris prosecutor’s office, and an internal audit – contested – conducted by feminist activist Caroline De Haas for “Sexual assault on a minor”. These alleged facts could not be proven. However, he was suspended from his post for another reason. The management considered that its teaching methods “Disrupt the smooth running of the Conservatory and hinder the exercise of the duty of protection imposed on it vis-à-vis its students”, according to a press release.

“The National Conservatory of Music and Dance of Paris (CNSDMP) has decided to impose a disciplinary sanction against Mr. Jérôme Pernoo, cello teacher, in the form of a temporary exclusion from his functions for a duration of one year, from September 9, 2021 “, explains the document. Thus, Jérôme Pernoo “Will no longer provide his teaching at the Conservatory and will be deprived of treatment for the duration of this measure”.

“I contest the sanction”

Responding to the Conservatory’s press release, Jérôme Pernoo’s defense said that “Mr. Pernoo firmly refutes these complaints and will contest this decision by introducing hierarchical and administrative appeals. In addition, the management of the National Conservatory of Music and Dance in Paris has notified [au professeur] his decision “to abandon the dismissal plan for serious misconduct concerning”. None of the criminally qualifying facts mentioned by the press were held against him, despite an investigation carried out exclusively against him, in violation of the cardinal principles of adversarial, objectivity, impartiality, prudence and confidentiality. . He had also been reinstated by his hierarchy in the establishment’s staff from July 16, 2021 “.

The internal investigation did not make it possible to prove the attacks alleged against Jérôme Pernoo. According to the cellist’s defense, the accusations raised during the audit, which would all have taken place before witnesses, were invalidated by the statements of the people interviewed. A joint consultative commission was formed in June to decide the fate of the professor.

Asked by Le Figaro, Jérôme Pernoo declares to have “Seized the administrative court of Paris to contest the sanction of twelve months of arrest without treatment”. He also recounted his interview with the director of the Conservatory, Émilie Delorme: “She finds that I have too much control over my students, that I create a family spirit and therefore competition between them. In addition, the contrepèteries, which I use in class, particularly annoy him. She considers this to be sexual connotations and asked me if I requested permission from my students. “

In the letter notifying its suspension, Émilie Delorme would have added that this language practice would be a “To be in collusion with those who understand them, while discriminating against those who do not understand”, said the musician. Finally, the habit of the cellist to give his students nicknames would also be singled out.


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