The park informs the Kalamare team Knot carrying speakers up to the cave – Phan Dok Mai after breaking the rules – fresh news

Revealing the prohibition of going up the Naka cave The park has explained that the snail star drama In the case of the Kalamare-Kru Aoi team Carry a small speaker up to the Naka cave. a flower pedestal tucked into a backpack After breaking many rules

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From the case of a drama, a snail gang went up to the sacred land of Naka Cave. Then there are various behaviors Claims that it is inappropriate, does not follow the rules, creates trouble. For example, taking a flower stand up to pay homage, turning on the loudspeaker, praying for blessings one by one and taking a long time until other people waiting to worship and pray suffer

In the social world there is a link to a group of Kalamare Patcharasri Which referred to as clarification and confirmation, not myself Because the group itself follows the queue, as for the betel nut, there are people up there who wear a backpack and share them to hold in order to finish at the head when paying respect to the betel krathong brought back to worship at home There are guides to take care of closely. by going to Naka Cave for the 2nd time

thenNetizens come out to argue against catching pontoon, such as The dress that he wears in the picture is a krathong, betel nut, flowers. It is a picture on January 15, 65, it is a different set from what the person posted to clarify. which is pictured on 20 Nov 64

However, someone took a picture of a Kalamare girl to join the trip with Teacher Aoi, the compass of life holding a betel flower pedestal and there is a picture of each of his friends praying for blessings on a stone that resembles the head of a serpent There was a flower pedestal beside it. which, according to the rules, do not take up while compared to other celebrities Black Ant Kachapha, Bella Ranee No flowers were taken.

side Mr. Arom Phasida, Head of Phu Langka National Park revealed that the Kalamare group came together 28-29 people, the preliminary Phan Phum story did not see the lead up But I don’t know if it’s hidden in the bag or not. by bringing down the downtrend

The speakers are real It’s a small Bluetooth speaker to pray, but it’s turned on softly without the officers going to search the stuff, so I don’t know how there are flowers or speakers. If the officer sees it, they will give a warning.

Normally, we will inform all tourists not to bring flowers, incense, candles, foam, alcohol, plastic bags, anything trash. We don’t give it up. As for filming, what needs to be queued? At least, we have to ask the Department as a special case.

A group of Kalamare with no more than 30 people, 28-29 people are ordinary tourists. as far as most knowProbably a normal Bluetooth, but in the cave may be echoing turn up the volume It’s already echoing

However, going up the Naka cave not allowedto bring offerings of flowers, incense sticks and candles alcoholic beverages plastic bag up except for necessary items

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