The Parliament of Portugal knocks down the government budgets

Prime Minister António Costa, this Wednesday during the Budget debate in the Portuguese Parliament. / AFP

The rejection of the State accounts for 2021 leads the Costa Executive to an early electoral call

The Parliament of Portugal has rejected the general budgets for 2022 as planned by 117 votes against, 108 votes in favor and five abstentions, despite the last desperate attempts of the Prime Minister, António Costa, to appeal to the union of the left.

“The Government comes out of this vote with a clear conscience and with its head held high,” stressed Prime Minister Costa, who wanted to leave a message of tranquility to the Portuguese, who he told them that they can continue to trust the current cabinet to continue ruling “even in the most adverse conditions.”

The parliamentary rejection of the budgets, the first in the country’s democratic history, leads Portugal to a scenario with few exits. Costa already made it clear during the debate that he does not intend to resign, as the opposition claimed, but without new accounts in force the Government will have only one twelfth of the previous budget.

The most feasible way would be the call for early elections, a competence that falls into the hands of the president, the conservative Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, who has already shown himself willing to dissolve the Assembly of the Republic and return to the polls, as soon as possible. January 2022.

Rebelo de Sousa revealed on Tuesday that he had taken steps to try to get the parties to bring positions closer, but they have not been enough to build bridges. When leaving the vote, Costa has indicated that he is waiting for the decision made by the Portuguese president.

In the absence of seeing if there are new elections and when they would be, Costa, who has governed Portugal since 2015, has made it clear that he wants to head the Socialist Party (PS) again in the next elections. In the local elections in September, the Socialists took victory in global terms, but lost key places such as Lisbon.


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