The past condemns them: after the rugby players, the armed tweeters went out to “hunt” famous people

Do you remember Patricia Fernández, the “peliteñida” from “Betty, la fea”? Well, this nice villain -who did Finance for six months in San Marino-, repeated over and over again in the series one of the words that resonate the most at this time: CANCELED! In the framework of a strong cancellation campaign, Twitter users went hunting for famous “lazy people from the past” and yesterday the first prey jumped. Figures of virtual platforms such as Nati Jota and Migue Granados, comedians such as Ezequiel Campa and Malena Pichot were repudiated for questionable posts on social networks.

This witch hunt is given from the tribute that was not from Los Pumas to Maradona when they played against the All Blacks. There was so much popular outrage over the snub to the memory of 10 that the tweeting investigation armies, which are sometimes more efficient than prosecutors and official detectives, grabbed the magnifying glass and scanned the profiles of some of the rugby players from top to bottom. looking for dirt. As they say, the searcher finds and found frightening comments for which they will have consequences (see Sports section).

And the echo of this vigilante turn, led the tweeters to want to continue hunting and yesterday there was an intense day with several stars who were crashed by their own words.

One of those rejected was Nati Jota, host of ESPN networks and currently part of the staff of “Los Escandalones” de América. The findings date from ten years ago where a Nati teenager said things like “boys, he’s black, you don’t have to take him seriously”, “it should be called Whiteberry because black is of inferior race”, “now that the grass has increased the poor go to have even more children “,” RT if you are black or normal “,” Killing beautiful and skinny girls should not only be legal if it is not a paid job “,” I always think it’s ugly to be fat and sit on the bus and know that nobody wants to sit next to you because it involves half a seat “,” Why don’t black people have twins? Because God is not wrong twice “,” for me if you are fat it is because you do not find happiness in life and then you look for it in food “,” dwarfs have up syndrome “.

Neither did the vigilantes forgive the radio and television host Migue Granados, about whom they republished a cataract of posts from 2012.

“I enter you as fat to Arjona recital”, “fat breath to gorilla”, “put them in the ort … fat pregnant Mabel cut”, “I’m not just a ball face. I also sell garlic and bell peppers ”,“ More heat than Wanda Taddei in the trunk of Cabezas’s car ”,“ RT if you didn’t know that Julio Chavez is more fucking than the chicken ”,“ Cinthia in a truck on her ass waving to the President. It is time to lower the Kennedy Court “and” Again screw up, God! You take a phenomenon and you leave Cinthia alive ”are some of the repudiated messages from Granados, who is the son of Pablo, the historical comedian of“ VideoMatch ”, who did not comment on the matter.

The one who did make a comment was Nati Jota, who, with a face of circumstances, defended herself with a video published in her Instagram stories in which although she apologized “to those who felt offended,” she ended up justifying herself.

“I woke up like the ass because suddenly they are killing me for old tweets. I always knew there was a chance for this to happen. I never singled out anyone for it, because I understand that they were other times. They are all cheeky in raising their finger, exposing me or trying to cancel me, ”the blonde began her displeasure. Although she said she felt “ashamed” by her sayings, she assured that “when I started on Twitter I was 15 years old and the fashion was (to use) black humor, which today is not bearable and super questionable. I’m not saying no before. And I wanted to add followers, I had fun. And I entered that one ”.

The same justification that, weeks ago, gave another great cancellation of this 2020: Martín Cirio, alias “La Faraona”, who was repudiated for a content that only he saw humorous and that the rest of the mortals saw as unpleasant allusions to pedophilia .

But Super Tuesday gave more fabric to cut. With regard to rugby players, another who fell into this “folder” was the comedian Ezequiel Campa. Perhaps the appearance of this comedian in this wave of cancellations has to do with one of his characters, Dicky del Solar, with whom he makes a parody of the “cheta” life of rugby players. The point is that, in the midst of the Los Pumas scandal, someone rummaged through Standapero’s long history of tweets and found things like “If you’re trava and after a while you didn’t get your chota operated on, you’re just a trolo who likes dresses a lot ”,“ I was 13 years old, but it seemed like a lot more !!! #cosasnotuiteables “,” The favorite ice cream taste of the transvestites of Palermo is ‘putos del bosque’ “or” I thought you had a daughter of a bitch, that you were pregnant with your grandmother’s shell. Hopefully the 15 all blacks will hit you in an alley ”.

After seeing how those tweets from the past went viral, the comedian came out to clarify: “Che, the turnips who are looking for me old tweets should know that there was something in a tweet that I was doing that was called TWEETATRO and it was a FICTION of chats between a girl and an asshole. They are bullied alone boys ”.

Campa, for some years, was a partner of Malena Pichot, who, with this wave of nostalgic repudiation, was again attacked by a 2010 tweet in which she said things like these: “If your tweet profile has any of these words : ‘curious, talkative, conchuda, dreamer, neura, immature’, you deserve domestic violence “,” The one who committed suicide and screwed up all of us who use the B line, I hope I know that nobody regrets his death “, or “I receive from villera drinking mate at 8:40 pm” Pichot, known for her ultra-feminist militancy, did not refer to this latest scandal.


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