The pediatrician gave recommendations on the use of sanitizers in schools :: Society :: RBC

Hand sanitizers should not be used too often, as this leads to excessive drying of the skin, reported in an interview with radio Sputnik, pediatrician, immunologist-allergist Andrey Prodeus.

So he commented on the information that the use of sanitizers and antiseptics in Russian schools in the coming academic year will become mandatory due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The expert noted that there are no special studies yet on the effect of sanitizers on children. However, the younger a child is, the more sensitive his skin is, he said.

“Older schoolchildren have hand skin similar to that of an adult. In children under five, the skin is more sensitive. It will dry more from the use of sanitizers, the skin will lose moisture faster. First-graders have an intermediate situation. This is a gray area, since some of these children have normal skin, because children grow up in different ways, ”the expert noted.

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