The pension reform buried because of the health crisis

Adopted at first reading by the assembly in early spring, it remained in the middle of the ford. And no one really wants to put her back on the job.

The universal point-by-point pension scheme, promise of the candidate Macron, was to be a marker of the five-year term, symbol of the reforming will of the Head of State. But this change is unlikely to see the light of day before the end of his term. Between untenable campaign commitments and economic realities, it has become a sort of adhesive tape for Captain Haddock, which the president cannot get rid of.

A lot of time was lost, between the eighteen months of social consultation under the aegis of Jean-Paul Delevoye, a citizen consultation, three months of strike at the SNCF and the RATP at the end of 2019, then again a conference of funding interrupted before being completed in March … due to containment. Result, if the reform was adopted at first reading in the assembly at the beginning of spring, it remained in the middle of the ford.

And nobody really wants to put her back on the job: neither the unions which, for the most part, have never joined the project, nor the CFDT its main

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