The people of Hispania who preferred to commit suicide and kill their children to be defeated by Aníbal

Updated:06/04/2021 12: 21h


Appianus of Alexandria he dedicated several pages of his famous’History of Rome on Iberia‘and, among many others, Tito Livio he did the same in his very extensive ‘City‘. The taking of Sagunto, on the Valencian coast, around 219 BC, was the Numancia of the incipient Carthaginian empire. For about eight months, the city withstood the onslaught of Hannibal Barca and his colossal army. But, despite the fact that, through a football simile, Hispanics played at home, they could do little against the attack. Just defend yourself to the death and, ultimately, take your own life so as not to be forced to pay homage to the conquerors. Although, despite everything, they sold very


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